Yes – You Can Find Your Next Job on Social Media

Given the growing prevalence of social media today, it was only a matter of time before employers started posting job openings and career opportunities on their company profiles. Some websites were even created with that specific purpose in mind. As such, some tech-savvy job seekers are now turning to the Internet in hopes of accessing […]

Is Your Customer Service Training Consistent?

If you’re running a business within the public sector, you’re probably already well aware of the importance of customer service and satisfaction. While the customer might not always be right, they always need to leave happy; and that’s exactly where consistent customer service training comes in. There are a number of different approaches you can […]

Don’t Wait Until Tomorrow. Beat Procrastination Today with 3 Tips

With all the focus on mobile communications, instantaneous results and ad-hoc decision making, it can be easy for a job candidate to procrastinate when it comes to their daily responsibilities. However, with a little bit of keen planning and relentless motivation, you too can overcome the issue of procrastination and restore your status as a […]

Catch Yourself Falling into a Trap and Trust Your Team More

As a business owner or enterprise leader, it can be difficult to give up the reigns to someone else. Even if the individual in question still reports to you at the end of the day, the lack of direct control can be incredibly stressful and, in some cases, downright frightening. However, as any good owner […]