What Four Skills Make Your Resume Pop?

Although resumes have a reputation for being bland, boring documents that are full of facts and statistics, modern resumes are actually far more exciting than that. In fact, some job seekers are able to use their expertise, qualifications and prior work history in order to craft a document that is both compelling to read and […]

Part 2: Evaluate Your Job Candidate Experience

We concluded part one of our discussion on how to properly evaluate your job candidate’s experience by talking a little about the significance of consistent and timely communication. Because this is such an important topic, and one that is often glossed over or missed entirely, we’ll use this post to expand on that point. Frequency […]

Do You Know How You Come Across in a Job Interview?

Regardless of your feelings toward the initial job interview, it is a mandatory process for nearly every job on the market today. Although it is important to take some time beforehand to properly prepare yourself for a job interview, many job seekers make the mistake of overthinking the entire process. Not only does this result […]

Part 1: Evaluate Your Candidate Experience

As a business owner, hiring manager or human resources staff member, evaluating a candidate’s experience is not such a straightforward process. The process is often muddied by the individual applicant’s past history, as well general inefficiencies within the hiring process itself. In fact, there are a number of steps you can take right now in […]