Do You Need a LinkedIn Profile?

Social media isn’t just for playing games and chatting with your friends. Several sites are geared specifically toward professional networking and career development. The most prominent one, without a doubt, is LinkedIn. Established in mid-2009, professionals have been flocking to LinkedIn from every industry and profession imaginable. As such, the site currently boasts more than […]

Will Google Jobs Have a Major Impact on Recruitment?

As more job seekers turn to the internet in search of legitimate employment, temp agencies who do much of their business online – like Mega Force – are gearing up for the busiest year yet. But the new year brings on some new competition in the form of Google for Jobs – and employers who […]

This Footwear Provides the Most Comfort in Your Manufacturing Job

If you’ve spent any amount of time on the manufacturing floor, you already know how important it is to have proper footwear. Some hiring managers won’t even waste their time with a recruit who doesn’t have the proper apparel – work boots included. But not all work boots are the same. As a general rule […]

Here Are the Off-the-Wall Interview Questions That Actually Work

The standard job interview is often tedious and monotonous for both parties. Many job seekers are tired of moving from interview to interview, while hiring managers and interviewers often get bored after a while. But you can add some extra life to the next interview simply by asking some fun and exciting questions. As a […]