How Can You Access Your Resume When Applying on a Mobile Device?

For those who are currently in the market for a new job, your resume serves as your ticket to bigger and better things. It wasn’t too long ago job seekers carried their resume on them at all times – whether in a briefcase, a backpack or even in their car. It wasn’t exactly convenient, but […]

Don’t Have Time to Manage Your Temporary Workers? How Can Mega Force’s Onsite Workforce Management Services Help?

Some managers just don’t have the time to manage their temporary workers. Between supervising full-time employees, tracking expenses and working with external partners, most managers have enough work on a daily basis as it is. Introducing the additional responsibilities that temporary help requires, such as day-to-day supervision and productivity tracking, is asking a lot of […]

What Should You Highlight on Your Resume for a Warehouse Job?

The manufacturing industry is changing. While there used to be plenty of temporary opportunities available for those with little to no experience, most of these mundane jobs are now tasked to robots. Automation is even more prevalent in the modern warehouse, where much of the day-to-day functions have been delegated to robotic workers. But there […]

That Two-Star Rating on Glassdoor? It’s Affecting Your Hiring

Sites like Glassdoor provide a valuable service. By letting employees and former employees post anonymous reviews, it helps job seekers determine if they really want to work for a specific company. This often results in greater employee compatibility and decreased turnover, but it can have negative effects, too. While you can’t directly control the reviews […]