Tips for Recruiting Passive Candidates

In an increasingly competitive job market, recruiters need to be increasingly creative in their prospecting. Fortunately, there’s an emerging talent pool to draw on: passive candidates. Of course, trying to pull a potential applicant away from their current position when they’re not even looking for a job is challenging. But there are some tricks you […]

Phrases You can use to ace an Interview

For some charismatic candidates, the interview is the most natural part of their job search. For the rest of us who find the interview to be the most nerve-wracking step, here are some useful phrases you can use during each phase that will help land the job. Before the interview “I was so excited when […]

Five tips for Improving Work-life Balance in your Office

In survey after survey on workplace engagement, work-life balance is emerging as a leading employee motivator. These surveys often report that work-life balance is at least as important, if not more important, than a competitive salary when it comes to employee retention.   How can employers incorporate the type of work-life balance that will keep current […]

Ways to Stand out in a Competitive job Market

Being a job seeker in today’s market can be incredibly discouraging, and you need every tool at your disposal to increase your visibility and appeal to potential employers. Mega Force has this advice to follow for standing out and increasing your chances of getting hired. Get relevant work experience – You can stand out from […]