Happy Returns – The Benefits of Re(hiring) Boomerang Employees

Along with other new employment trends that have emerged in the past few years, the practice of rehiring employees who’ve left the company is experiencing a surge in popularity. This type of hire has become known as a “boomerang employee,” A study by Workplace Trends says 15% of employees have boomeranged back to a former employer. In addition, 76% of HR […]

What to Do If You Don’t Like Your New Job

You’re a week into a job you’d worked months to land. You did your homework, nailed the interview, and got the call. And now that you’re actually on the job, you’re thinking, “Oh no; what have I done?”  Call it “new hire’s remorse”: the immediate feeling that you made a mistake when you accepted a job offer. If […]

How to Get the Best Results from Your Manufacturing Job Posting

Recent news headlines have been dominated by labor shortages. While many of these reports focus on service industries, manufacturers have been hit hard as well. In fact, a study conducted by Deloitte LLP and The Manufacturing Institute showed 89% of manufacturing executives say their industry is suffering from a talent shortage, leaving the potential for millions of unfilled positions in the next decade.  If your company has […]

How to Choose a Shift That Works for You

When it comes to job satisfaction, sometimes it’s not just what you do but when you do it. While many job seekers don’t have much flexibility in selecting a job shift due to family or other concerns, some are able to choose their preferred work hours. If that’s your situation, here are a couple of ideas for picking the right shift for you.  Identifying Shifts  First, here’s a refresher on […]