‘Hashtag! – You’re It’ – How Hashtags Can Power Your Talent Search

A few weeks ago, we ran an article about 2022 hiring trends. One of those trends was developing multiple recruiting channels and ensuring they all aligned with your company’s brand. One trick of the trade for social media and other cyber-friendly channel is hashtagging.  You may think of the hashtag as something Twitterers use as a […]

How Temp Jobs Can Help You Find Your Specialty

Some people have the perception that temporary work assignments can’t advance your career. The reality is a temp assignment can provide you with several benefits, including avoiding lengthy gaps in employment, gaining opportunities to enhance your skills, and exploring new fields without long-term commitments. A temp assignment can even make it possible to land your […]

Capitalize on These Hiring Trends in 2022

As we enter 2022, many employers are still dealing with the hiring crises that COVID-19 has brought about. But the new year also brings with it new opportunities. Here are five hiring trends that you can take advantage of – provided you get on top of them.  Make the Hiring Experience Seamless Across Platforms  One […]

Tough Interview Questions – ‘Tell Me About Yourself’

Recently, we’ve been discussing interview questions that are particularly tricky, including “Why Were You Fired?” and “Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?”. Here’s another question that’s challenging – not because the subject matter is prickly, but because it seems almost impossibly broad: “Tell Me About Yourself.”  What could be easier than talking about yourself? Well, some interviewees […]