Should I Tell a Prospective Employer I’m Disabled?

Unemployment among members of the workforce who have a disability is a much greater problem than for their abled counterparts. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that only 19.1 percent of the disabled population was employed in 2021. Meanwhile, 63.7 percent of the non-disabled workforce were employed over the same period. Part of the […]

4 Steps to Establish a Culture of Safety in Your Company

While workplace accidents have decreased slightly in the last few years, they still represent one of the most significant costs a business can face. The National Safety Council reports that in 2020, workplace safety incidents cost employers $163.9 billion. And that doesn’t address the pain and suffering felt by the unfortunate employees injured in these […]

Why Can’t I Get an Interview?

When you’re a job seeker, there’s nothing worse than dealing with a string of rejections from prospective employers. Nothing, that is, except frustration of not even getting an interview. After a while, you can convince yourself you’re unhireable. The good news there are a lot of reasons you may be going through an interview dry […]