How to Counter ‘Quiet Quitting’

One of the more concerning workplace trends in the past year has been the emergence of “quiet quitting,” a term that originated in 2021. (Fun fact: the term was coined as a rough translation of a Chinese concept called “lying flat.”) While some managers scornfully define it as doing the bare minimum to keep a […]

4 Things You Need to Do Right Now to Cope with the Skill Shortage

Some call it “The Great Resignation.” Others call it a “workforce crisis.” Nicknames aside, the skilled labor shortage that dominated an employment landscape ravaged by COVID in 2021 has rolled on into 2022, and there are no signs of it slowing down. Consider these statistics from the United States Chamber of Commerce:  There were 10.6 […]

‘Hashtag! – You’re It’ – How Hashtags Can Power Your Talent Search

A few weeks ago, we ran an article about 2022 hiring trends. One of those trends was developing multiple recruiting channels and ensuring they all aligned with your company’s brand. One trick of the trade for social media and other cyber-friendly channel is hashtagging.  You may think of the hashtag as something Twitterers use as a […]

Beating the Clock – Dealing With Employees Who Habitually Leave Early

Millennials (loosely defined as those born between 1980 and 2000) tend to have a bad reputation. They’ve been described in social media as “entitled,” “hyper,” “pampered,” and other disparaging words. And recently, they’ve been criticized for their tendency to leave work early.  But the fact is that this trend isn’t restricted to millennials. And it’s not […]

Can Shift Planning Save You Money?

Saving money is always at the forefront for companies who want to grow – not just survive. As the adage goes, success is often about working smarter, not harder. One area of business logistics in which working smarter can work to your advantage is shift planning. Workforce communications company Workerbee shared some best practices for saving money […]

Hard Skills Vs. Soft Skills – Which do You Hire For?

As an employer, it’s essential that you examine both a candidate’s hard skills as well as their soft skills. Generally speaking, hard skills refer to learned abilities – like the ability to use power tools or heavy machinery – while soft skills are a part of your natural personality. Some primary examples of soft skills […]