How to Choose a Shift That Works for You

When it comes to job satisfaction, sometimes it’s not just what you do but when you do it. While many job seekers don’t have much flexibility in selecting a job shift due to family or other concerns, some are able to choose their preferred work hours. If that’s your situation, here are a couple of ideas for picking the right shift for you.  Identifying Shifts  First, here’s a refresher on […]

How to ‘Break up’ With a job You Don’t Love

Love and relationships are in the air this month – whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with your significant other or gathering with single friends in solidarity. But one of the major relationships you might not be thinking about is the one you have with your job.   According to new research from LinkedIn, most of us (81%) believe we should […]

How to Prepare for an Interview in the Manufacturing Industry

Congratulations on being offered a manufacturing interview! You may be a little nervous, particularly if you’ve never had an industry interview before. Here are some tips for preparing to sell yourself to your interviewer. Research the company  As with any job, it’s crucial to review the job posting to identify the specific skills, education, and other qualifications the employer is looking […]

You’ve Applied For The Job. Now What?

Landing a job in one’s preferred industry can take a lot of dedication, commitment and persistence. After applying for a job, many jobseekers immediately assume a passive disposition to the remainder of the application process. With the assumption that they’ve done everything they could do to help their chances of getting hired, many just leave […]