Top 10 Signs Your Job Is Wrecking Your Mental Health

There’s no end to the variety of stressors in the world today. While death in the family, divorce and other relationship troubles are perennial problems, more recent maladies like COVID-19, social injustice and international conflicts are also taking their toll. And then there’s work. Unemployment can be a huge burden, but those with jobs can […]

5 More Interview Killers to Avoid

A topic that keeps coming up in this blog is positive steps you can take before and during a job interview to help seal the deal. This time around, we’d like to share some things to avoid in an interview. Don’t commit any of these blunders, or you may kill your chances of getting the […]

What to Do If You Don’t Like Your New Job

You’re a week into a job you’d worked months to land. You did your homework, nailed the interview, and got the call. And now that you’re actually on the job, you’re thinking, “Oh no; what have I done?”  Call it “new hire’s remorse”: the immediate feeling that you made a mistake when you accepted a job offer. If […]

Resume Focus – What Skills Does an Administrative Assistant Need in 2021?

One of our most popular blog posts has been a piece about the skills employers look for in an administrative assistant in the past few years. Knowing these skills has never been more important, as COVID-19 has increased the importance and complexity of the admin’s role. Not only do they need the traditional proficiencies in scheduling, bookkeeping, and arranging travel; admins also are being asked to take […]