Do You Know How You Come Across in a Job Interview?

Regardless of your feelings toward the initial job interview, it is a mandatory process for nearly every job on the market today. Although it is important to take some time beforehand to properly prepare yourself for a job interview, many job seekers make the mistake of overthinking the entire process. Not only does this result […]

Become More Likeable with 5 Easy Behaviors

For some people, it can come as a challenge to maintain your likeability within the workforce. This is especially true for temporary workers and those who frequently move between jobs, as the contingent nature of your career can make it difficult to open up to your co-workers, supervisors and peers in the first place. Obviously […]

Get Your Resume to the Top of the Staffing Agency Pile

There’s simply no getting around the fact that staffing agencies deal with a ton of resumes. With some agencies receiving hundreds or even thousands of new resumes nearly every single day, it can be difficult to come up with a stellar resume that stands out above the rest. Writing a resume that is sure to […]

Does Your Company Understand the Importance of Cybersecurity

With an increasing reliance on Internet-based services and more digital data than ever before, the issue of cybersecurity is a leading concern. In fact, according to recent research compiled by Gartner, Inc., the global cybersecurity market exceeded $75 billion in 2015. Given the recent boom in cybersecurity spending, it’s safe to say that many organizations […]

Why You Need to List Your Temporary Assignment on the Resume

Many jobseekers struggle with the idea of listing their temporary jobs on their resume. While some hold the view that temporary work is considered a lesser form of employment, many of today’s employers are fully aware of the value that can be added to their company by using a contingent workforce. As such, there are […]

Find the Truth in LinkedIn Recommendations

There’s no denying the fact that LinkedIn provides an incredibly valuable service to jobseekers, employers, entrepreneurs and business professionals alike. One aspect that is often used as a means of verifying a recruit’s background is their LinkedIn recommendations, which consists of a small blurb meant to endorse or recommend a particular candidate. Written by other […]