4 Ways to Mentally Prepare for Your Job Interview

A job interview can be a mentally draining process. While it often happens to novice jobseekers, it’s something that affects experienced professionals, too. It’s even worse when you’re attending multiple job interviews on the same day.   But there are some tips you can keep in mind to make your next interview easier. With time, you’ll find […]

How Do Companies View Your Resume When They Read It the Second Time?

Given the fact that some of us spend hours writing the perfect resume, you would think that we’d be familiar with the general feel, tone and sound of the resume. While this may be true to an extent, standard resumes tend to lose their flair or excitement when read for the second, third or fourth […]

One Thing You Must Do in Your Job Search

The job search can be an incredibly complex, frustrating and downright scary process. Given the ever-changing and evolving trends in hiring – as well as the job market in general – and an increasing reliance on technology, those who are used to the traditional job hunt can easily find themselves lost, confused and clueless. That […]

What Is Industry 4.0 and Are You Ready for It?

A term used to describe the growing network of interconnected devices, automated services and big data processing, Industry 4.0 revolves around the concept of “smart factories” that utilize cyber-physical platforms as well as the Internet of Things and the Internet of Services in order to inject day-to-day operations with new innovations and technology. A Brief […]

Is the Combination Resume Right for You?

When it comes to resumes, there are many different formats and types that one can utilize. Some of the most common formats include the chronological or functional resumes, each of which has different advantages. However, the combination resume, sometimes referred to as a hybrid resume, includes the best features of both the chronological and functional […]