Following Up the Right Way Will Help Your Chances of Getting the Job

While a nice resume can help you get noticed by hiring managers, and a face-to-face interview is an excellent way to get your foot in the door, providing the appropriate follow-up communication is essential to making a memorable presence at any company. A step that is often overlooked by job seekers of today, sending a […]

Build an Online Brand That You’re Proud of

Just as a company has their own corporate branding, job seekers of today should use their resume as well as their online presence in order to establish their own professional brand. Doing so is a great way to set yourself apart from the average job seeker, while simultaneously increasing your exposure in the industry. Be […]

Handle Your Job Offer the Right Way

Receiving and accepting a job offer is an exciting time in anybody’s life. Whether it’s the job of your dreams or just a stepping stone to something greater, receiving a job offer means that somebody has shown interest in your skillset and expertise. However, it’s important that you do not rush into any job offer. […]

Find the Right Fit for Your Company

Finding employees who are a perfect match for your corporate culture is not always a straightforward process. Because it can be difficult to properly assess an applicant’s cultural fit during the interview process, it’s important to ask targeted questions that can help bring such information to light. Moreover, it’s important that you analyze and assess […]

How to Perform a Thorough Employee Background Check

Building a workforce that revolves around integrity, reputation and quality isn’t an easy task by any means. Thankfully for employers and hiring mangers alike, there are a number of tools available that can be used to ensure the character and veracity of your team. One of the most valuable tools, the basic background check, can […]