Factors to Consider When Choosing Work Boots for The Job

Industrial settings, including many factories and shops, often have strict footwear requirements. Many of these standards are due to safety concerns – such as wearing steel toe boots to protect your feet from heavy or sharp objects. Thankfully there are enough styles, designs, and variations available today that it’s still possible to find boots that […]

What Questions Should YOU Ask the Interviewer in the Interview?

Job interviews, by their very nature, are misleading. The term leads people to believe it’s a one-sided conversation, right from the start. However, modern job interviews are absolutely not meant to be one-sided affairs. In fact, the ideal job interview would best be described as a professional conversation between two people who are still trying […]

Add This to Your Resume to Make It Pop

We all strive to create a resume that gets noticed. Unfortunately, it’s too easy to simply fill in the necessary details and call it finished. This might actually be causing more harm than anything else, however, as this type of carelessness or lack of motivation will certainly show through on the document itself. Instead, try […]

Why Your Employee Handbook Needs to Be Updated

In some cases, an employee handbook is seen as the lifeblood of an organization. The handbook is where rules are born and disagreements are solved. While some leaders have a tendency to stick with one generic set of rules throughout their tenure, others cherish the fresh sense of motivation, confidence, and productivity that can be […]

How To Transition Into Being A Manager In Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry presents many unique, distinctive and rewarding challenges for those who pursuing a managerial role. Not everyone is comfortable working on a day-to-day basis with such a high amount of responsibility, and just because someone is a great worker does not necessarily mean that they’d make a great manager. That said, there are […]