Hard Skills Vs. Soft Skills – Which do You Hire For?

As an employer, it’s essential that you examine both a candidate’s hard skills as well as their soft skills. Generally speaking, hard skills refer to learned abilities – like the ability to use power tools or heavy machinery – while soft skills are a part of your natural personality. Some primary examples of soft skills […]

The Right Way to Say No to a Work Assignment

The world of the average temporary worker is a tough one. While it’s important to take on new assignments when they come your way, it can be difficult – if not downright impossible – to assume responsibility for a project you’re just not comfortable with. In this case, it’s important you’re able to say no […]

Which Excel Skills Get You an Inventory Clerk Job?

Although the role might entail different responsibilities depending on the exact company you’re applying to, the job of the inventory clerk is a rather standard function. Not only will you be responsible for overseeing the company’s inventory management system, you’ll likely be tasked with duties in recordkeeping, data analysis and reporting. One of the most […]

How Can You Find a Job on Facebook?

It wasn’t long ago when the typical job hunt was restricted to the classified ads in newspapers, local bulletin boards and industry-driven career fairs. The prevalence of the internet has given rise to a brand-new avenue of approach for those who are looking for jobs: social media. While there are some sites that are specifically […]

What Do You Do After Your Job Assignment Is Over?

Temporary jobs come and go; that is the nature of the field. While many are eager to make the transition to full-time employment, some have no other choice but to look for the next available opportunity. In this case, there are some steps you can take that will make this process a little bit easier. […]

4 Tips to Set and Reach Your Career Goals

The practice of setting goals for yourself, both in your personal life and career, can do a lot for your self-esteem and long-term success. If you’re a recent graduate whose future career path is unclear or even if you’re an established professional with a bulletproof plan, you can use goals to maintain your trajectory and […]