Beating the Clock – Dealing With Employees Who Habitually Leave Early

Millennials (loosely defined as those born between 1980 and 2000) tend to have a bad reputation. They’ve been described in social media as “entitled,” “hyper,” “pampered,” and other disparaging words. And recently, they’ve been criticized for their tendency to leave work early.  But the fact is that this trend isn’t restricted to millennials. And it’s not […]

5 Tips for Improving Your Company Through Effective Offboarding

Employee onboarding is a fundamental process for making new employees at your company feel at ease. But what about employee offboarding? When an employee leaves, many companies settle for collecting paperwork and keys and withdrawing computer access. It’s more a matter of protecting the company’s assets than learning anything about the employee’s experience.   But if […]

7 Ways to Recruit The Best Candidates 

In today’s job market, applicants aren’t hard to find. As an employer, your challenge is finding the right employee for you. Here are seven tips on recruiting high-quality candidates for your company.    1. Treat candidates like you would your customers.  Think of this as the golden rule of recruiting. Remember that you’re selling the […]

5 Recruiting Biases That are Hurting Your Efforts

Whether you are staffing in Lumberton or Charlotte, unconscious bias can sabotage your recruiting efforts. You could be missing out on a great hire by not being aware of the flawed shortcuts your brain makes. To help you avoid such missed opportunities, watch for these unconscious biases in your hiring process.  The Halo Effect   This cognitive bias involves allowing one obvious positive trait about a […]

Bored with Your Job? What Can You Do to Make It More Interesting?

Boredom is a bug that can strike anyone at any time. Although the feeling often passes with time, chronic boredom in the workplace can cause a real drop in productivity. Not only can this bring down the morale of your entire team, it might even cause you to lose your job entirely. Look at the […]

Do You Know What Your Personal Brand Is? It’s Time to Find Out!

Branding is a strategy that is used by companies as a means of giving their business a face. Such a transformation is necessary to give the general public a friendly, approachable and recognizable image that they can use instead of an overly complicated or complex business name. Proactive job seekers have begun using personal branding […]