Tough Interview Questions – ‘Tell Me About Yourself’

Recently, we’ve been discussing interview questions that are particularly tricky, including “Why Were You Fired?” and “Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?”. Here’s another question that’s challenging – not because the subject matter is prickly, but because it seems almost impossibly broad: “Tell Me About Yourself.”  What could be easier than talking about yourself? Well, some interviewees […]

Why It’s Best to Leave the April Foolishness at Home

April is known for many great things: the start of spring, the beginning of baseball season, and Easter, among them. And then, there’s April Fools’ Day. As far as we know, the custom of celebrating the first of April with pranks, jokes, and hoaxes started more than 600 years ago with a mention in “The […]

Overwhelmed at Work? These Steps Can Help You Cope

Nothing is quite as debilitating as waking up already dreading what your workday holds in store. When you feel overwhelmed before your feet hit the floor, it’s hard to escape that cloud of doom. But you can escape that mental trap.    These steps can help you recognize the source of your anxiety and then get […]

Why You Need to Use a Staffing Agency in 2017

The dawn of the new year provides plenty of opportunity for betterment and self-improvement. One of the most common resolutions surrounds the act of landing a new job, which can be challenging for shy individuals, inexperienced novices, recent college graduates and established industry veterans. However, many of these individuals are finding renewed hope in the […]

What Must You Include on Your Cover Letter for a Management Position?

Managerial resumes can be difficult to write. While we’ve all spent copious amounts of time developing and refining the perfect entry-level document, very few of us have enough foresight to invest the same amount of time into crafting a resume for a position in management. However, depending on your drive, motivation and skill, you may […]