This Job Interview Mistake Costs You the Job Every Time

Although most job interviews follow a rather standard process, especially among the temporary workforce, it’s still one of the most stressful parts of the job hunt. While it’s important to make the interview into a two-way interaction, most job seekers simply talk too much. Instead, try to let your resume do the talking; you’re just […]

Do You Need a Welding Certification?

Many workers are under the impression that a welding certification isn’t required to lead a successful career as a welder. After all, certification isn’t a requirement for many of the welding roles seen in factories and fabrication shops of today. While it’s not a solid requirement, a welding certification can benefit your career in numerous […]

How Can You Find a Job on Facebook?

It wasn’t long ago when the typical job hunt was restricted to the classified ads in newspapers, local bulletin boards and industry-driven career fairs. The prevalence of the internet has given rise to a brand-new avenue of approach for those who are looking for jobs: social media. While there are some sites that are specifically […]

What Do You Do After Your Job Assignment Is Over?

Temporary jobs come and go; that is the nature of the field. While many are eager to make the transition to full-time employment, some have no other choice but to look for the next available opportunity. In this case, there are some steps you can take that will make this process a little bit easier. […]

3 Deal Breakers to Watch Out for in Interviews

Everyone knows job interviews can be high-pressure situations that often force people to make mistakes. Many hiring managers and employment agencies are used to giving job applicants a little leeway to correct some of the things they say that don’t sound quite right. However, there are some things candidates can say in an interview that […]

How to Recruit Millennials to Manufacturing in 2017

Let’s face it: the millennial generation carries a set of values that differs from the traditional mindset of older workers. As such, it can be difficult for companies in the manufacturing industry to attract the interest of younger workers. Despite the inherent challenge, the millennial generation is a highly intelligent, skillful and valuable niche of […]