Jerry F. Stone, President and CEO

Jerry joined Mega Force in 1990 as a partner. In 1992 he became president of the company. He led the expansion that grew Mega Force from 12 to 22 offices and an additional ten onsite locations. This strategically expanded the company’s footprint in the Southeast. He continually drives the company towards consistent quality control, timely order fulfillments and management of the small daily tasks that impact the bottom line. Jerry’s experience with large startups from North Carolina to Texas enabled him to build an experienced, dedicated team at Mega Force. He graduated from Methodist University with a BA in business.

Beth Howard, General Manager

Beth is responsible for overseeing sales, marketing and day-to-day operations for The Mega Force Staffing Group, Inc. Since joining Mega Force in 1998, Beth has been instrumental in driving growth and increasing revenues. She has earned numerous performance awards throughout her career with Mega Force. She has a bachelor of science degree from Winthrop University and is a member of the Society of Human Resource Management. Beth is past president of Richmond County Human Resource Management Association. Prior to Mega Force, Beth worked for a non-profit group as a dual-diagnosis counselor .

Heath Stone, Director of Operations

Heath joined Mega Force in 1996 after attending Louisburg College and NC State University. He grew up in the staffing industry, even working with the company while in college. His focus is on continually looking for ways to improve the delivery of our services and systems to our clients. Heath also focuses on expanding opportunities for our clients. He travels extensively working with all the Mega Force offices to ensure quality control.