Reduce Turnover With These Four Employee Retention Tips

Employee turnover is a universal issue found in every industry, profession and niche. While it can be difficult to retain top talent, especially if you’re trying to fill monotonous or mundane roles, there are numerous tricks you can utilize to reduce overall turnover and bolster your retention numbers. 1. Provide Ongoing and Helpful Training Many […]

Our Four Best Recruitment Tips from 2017

2017 has been a tremendous year for everyone here at Mega Force, and we hope you’ve enjoyed our advice and guidance so far. We’ll have much more coming after the new year and throughout 2018, but we wanted to take time to highlight some of the most popular and useful tips from the prior year. […]

The Right Way to Talk About Disabilities in the Job Search

The topic of disabled employees and job seekers is a touchy one to say the least. On one hand, it’s important to give everybody a fair shot at putting in an honest day’s work and earning a livable wage. Conversely, you can’t let the inefficiencies or disabilities of an individual worker affect the productivity of […]