10 Words You Should Never Say in an Interview

We’ve posted before about things you should never do in an interview. This time around, we’re looking at things you shouldn’t say. These 10 words can hurt your chances of getting hired – if not kill them completely. 1. “Amazing!” This expression is tempting for those who really, really want to sound positive and enthusiastic, […]

10 Tips for First-Time Job Seekers

Team working in warehouse doing inventory

If you’re new to the job market, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. Looking for work is stressful under the best of circumstances, but it’s even more daunting when you don’t have any experience. That’s why we’ve put together a list of suggestions to light your way as you start down your career path. 1. […]

What to Do If You Don’t Like Your New Job

You’re a week into a job you’d worked months to land. You did your homework, nailed the interview, and got the call. And now that you’re actually on the job, you’re thinking, “Oh no; what have I done?”  Call it “new hire’s remorse”: the immediate feeling that you made a mistake when you accepted a job offer. If […]

Assembly Line Work, Putting it all Together

If your job search has led you to apply for a position on an assembly line, you may be wondering what that type of work it involves and what skills you need to do the job. We have you covered!   What does an assembly line worker do?   Assembly line workers create mechanical parts and put […]