Capitalize on These Hiring Trends in 2022

As we enter 2022, many employers are still dealing with the hiring crises that COVID-19 has brought about. But the new year also brings with it new opportunities. Here are five hiring trends that you can take advantage of – provided you get on top of them.  Make the Hiring Experience Seamless Across Platforms  One […]

When a Reference Check Doesn’t Check Out

Some employers view reference checks as a mere formality – a final hurdle to clear before bringing a new hire on board. Others use references to screen applicants – taking advantage of the insights these checks can provide. Either way, when a reference check turns up something unexpected (or worse), it can throw a huge […]

5 Great Ways to Motivate Production-Floor Employees

Maintaining a fully staffed production floor has always been a challenge for managers. A study conducted in 2018 by the Association for Manufacturing Excellence found the average turnover and absenteeism rate among manufacturing and distribution plants was 37 percent. Then, COVID struck, and the accompanying economic crisis made staffing an even steeper hill to climb. […]

Questions and Answers for a Factory Work Interview

It goes without saying that the job interview is the single-most critical tool you have for bringing the right people into your company. This is true in every industry – even factory work. Here’s a list of five great questions to ask during a production worker interview, along with some thoughts on what each question […]