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Questions and Answers for a Factory Work Interview

It goes without saying that the job interview is the single-most critical tool you have for bringing the right people into your company. This is true in every industry – even factory work. Here’s a list of five great questions to ask during a production worker interview, along with some thoughts on what each question can tell you about a candidate.

1. Describe a situation in which you worked without a supervisor.

This question is aimed at determining a candidate’s sense of responsibility. In their answers, candidates can demonstrate that their work ethic is consistent whether or not the boss is around. Take special note of candidates who gained a level of trust with past supervisors, as well as those who act as leaders in situations without direct supervision.

2. Do you have experience with physically demanding work?

Certain types of production work demand strenuous activity. This question not only gauges a candidate’s experience with physical work, but it may also reveal interviewees who act proactively to keep their strength and stamina at optimal levels.

3. Is safety at work important to you?

Injuries or other workplace incidents can impact productivity, morale, and insurance rates, while leaving the organization vulnerable to lawsuits. Accordingly, you should ask candidates about their track record of employee safety. Look for examples of how they’ve successfully dealt with scenarios in past assignments involving a hazardous workplace or work-related health issues.

4. What type of machinery, tools, and equipment have you worked with?

This question is pretty straightforward. Make a mental list of all the tools of the trade you’ve used. Employers are looking for workers who’ve not only had a lot of experience with different machinery, but who are also talking about it.

5. You witness a co-worker violating company policy. What do you do?

This gives you a glimpse of your candidates’ sense of ethics. Listen for incidents interviewees have witnessed and what they did in response. If you desire, create a scenario – or use a scenario that has actually occurred at your company and ask candidates what they would do in such a situation. Ask how they would verify the behavior was in breach of company rules, with whom they’d discuss the incident and how they’d present their observations.

Now that you know what questions to ask in a manufacturing interview, turn to Mega Force to bolster your talent pool. We’re a leader in Carolina industrial staffing, and we’d be honored to help meet your personnel needs. Contact our team today.


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