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How focusing on military veteran recruitment can boost your business-Mega Force Staffing

How Focusing on Military Veteran Recruitment Can Boost Your Business

We all owe a debt of gratitude to the members of the United States military. They protect our borders and defend our interests, both nationally and globally. Though there are many occasions for expressing appreciation to military veterans, there’s one way as an employer that you can thank them in a tangible way while strengthening your business – hiring them.

Veterans represent an untapped reservoir of talent in the workforce. Only 40% of companies surveyed by CareerBuilder actively focus on veterans in their recruiting efforts. When you consider the following benefits veterans can offer businesses, you’ll see why those numbers should be much higher.

How Veterans Can Make a Difference


Whether they served as commanding officers or not, veterans are required to make teamwork part of their DNA. In many cases, their lives depended on it. And since reaching business goals depends on teamwork, veterans have a decided advantage in terms of their chances of success.

Integrity and Trustworthiness

Each of the U.S. military branches has integrity as a foundational value. Honesty and reliability are paramount. It’s not surprising, then, that Americans view veterans as more trustworthy than civilians, including Congress and the Supreme Court. Employers share this view, and they recognize that due to veterans’ experience with classified information and security clearances, they can be counted on for integrity on the job.

Advanced Skills

During their service, veterans gain skills that can be applied to many industries. Computer programming, telecommunications, medical care, and engineering are just a few of the abilities service members can attain and sharpen during their tours of duty.

Brand Boosting

When you make a concerted effort to recruit and hire veterans, it will boost your image in the community and beyond. America admires its military veterans, and they admire companies that help them transition from service to employment. They’re also more likely to believe that companies who actively seek out veterans to hire share the same honorable values that the armed forces support.

Mega Force Wants to Join You at the Front Lines of Recruiting

Whether you’re a business looking to hire and retain diverse talent or a veteran looking for a job that will recognize your unique skillset, Mega Force can help. Contact us today.


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