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Embracing Automation and Data-Driven Hiring

We recently posted on some ways to modernize your onboarding. But when you broaden your focus to the whole hiring cycle, you’ll find even more ways technology can make the process of talent acquisition more efficient for your business. Take a look at these milestones of the recruiting journey, and the impact introducing technology can have.


From online job placement services to social media advertising, technology has revolutionized the recruiting tools companies use and their overall approach to developing talent pools. For example, automated Application Tracking Systems can help you keep track of applications and organize them to streamline the next step …


Once you’ve filled your talent pool, you need to determine which of your candidates have the traits you need to fill a job posting. To continue the pool analogy, there are technological solutions that work like a filtration system to automatically rank employees based on experience, skills, and even behavioral factors.


One of the few silver linings of the COVID pandemic is that it forced employers to get creative when it came to helping employees communicate with each other and recruiters to communicate with candidates. Videoconferencing technology like Zoom introduced an agility that has proven desirable even beyond the time of mandatory distancing.

Conducting Background Checks

Background checks are firmly entrenched in hiring processes, with 95 percent of surveyed employers saying they perform some form of background check on candidates, according to the Society for Human Resource Management. But while this process traditionally involved a lot of exhausting legwork (or, more properly, phone work), technology has made it easier to detect red flags. Employers no longer need to rely solely on the references provides. Instead, sites like LinkedIn can help you connect candidates with key people they’ve worked with, giving a more complete picture of their work history and providing contacts who can substantively speak to a candidate’s qualities.

Need More Help with Hiring?

No matter how many of these technological tips you implement for your business, Mega Force can help you stay ahead of the hiring curve. Contact us today to request talent and learn more about the talent acquisition solutions we offer!


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