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What Are ‘Soft Skills,’ and How Can They Help You in Your Job Search?

Depending on the field you’re seeking work in, you’re likely to run into job postings that require specific, specialized skills like experience operating a forklift, or the ability to read utility meters. But some traits go beyond occupations, and employers look for them no matter the job. These abilities are sometimes called “soft skills,” and though they’re not specific to any one position, they’re just as critical to have when you’re job hunting.

Here are 5 of the more common soft skills.


You might think that only certain types of jobs put an emphasis on communication skills. It’s reasonable to think that only writers, educators, and public relations employees need the ability to speak and write effectively. But good communication skills are a benefit in just about any job. You may never have to give a presentation, but how you handle day-to-day communications in person, via email, or over the phone, has an enormous impact on your effectiveness as an employee.

Being a good listener is especially important, particularly when your ability to understand instructions could make the difference between productivity and disaster. And if you work in a warehouse or a factory, that disaster could result in serious injury or even death.

Critical thinking

Being an effective employee often means being a problem solver. Whether you’re trying to tighten up delivery times or organizing a work area for increased productivity and safety, critical thinking skills will help you identify problems, brainstorm solutions, and execute a plan for overcoming challenges.


Reliability is obviously critical in an employee. If you can demonstrate a history of punctuality, good attendance, and consistent job performance, you’ll be sure to make a recruiter’s shortlist.


Employees who can work without close supervision are incredibly valuable. The less direction you require, the more productive you’ll be. Whether a job posting refers to having initiative or being a self-starter, the key quality employers are looking for is independence.


Last, but certainly not least, businesses need employees who are good teammates. If you thrive at collaboration and support your teammates when responding to a deadline or a demanding client, you’ll attract positive attention. Equally important is the ability to handle conflict by working through disagreements with respect and kindness.

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