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Simple Forklift Safety Tips that Can’t Be Forgotten

While experienced forklift drivers make the job look easy, make no mistake – forklift operators are dealing with heavy machinery that can be dangerous in untrained hands. Not only do they run the risk of damaging cargo, but the risk of personal injury is always high when working near forklifts. Such risks are elevated even further when tight areas and constrained spaces – like factories and warehouses – are involved.

Verify equipment before use

Take the time to visually inspect and verify the condition of the forklift prior to every shift. Pay close attention to the overhead guard, the mast assembly, the lift chains and rollers, and the tires. Finally, make sure to check the gauges and all the vehicle’s instrumentation – including brakes, brake lights, horn, and more.

Wear the proper gear

Although individual warehouses and factories might not mandate specific gear, wearing the proper gear can help to ensure your health and safety when driving a forklift. If you’re working in cold weather, for example, warmer clothing and heavy jackets can help you maintain peak efficiency throughout the entire day.

Inspect your travel routes and clear any obstacles

Plan your forklift routes ahead of time and ensure they’re clear of any obstacles before entering the forklift. Not only can this help you save time when it comes to maneuvering around the factory or warehouse, but it helps you avoid any personal injuries during operation.

Keep your loads as low as possible

Always carry loads with your forks as low as possible in order to maintain vehicle stability. Operating a forklift with a heavy load on top of raised forks can cause the vehicle to tip over.

Practice as much as possible

Those who are new to forklifts should try to practice as much as possible. Spend some time maneuvering the vehicle without a load on the forks until you get familiar with the controls. From there, try practicing with empty boxes or unloaded pallets.

Although it isn’t always readily apparent, forklift operators bear tremendous responsibility in the typical warehouse or factory. While a seasoned driver can make short work of nearly any load, an inexperienced or novice driver will only hamper the productivity of the entire team.

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