Is a “Stay Interview” The Secret Weapon to Employee Retention?

Last month, we provided some hints for dealing with staff shortages brought about by the “Great Resignation.” Here’s another coping strategy that could give your retention a boost.  Most employers have some form of exit interview in which they capture data from departing employees on the good and bad experiences they had while they worked […]

5 Reasons Your Employees are Leaving You

When an employee leaves your company, it means losing the time and resources invested in that individual. It also means finding someone new to fill the gap, which means even more money and effort needs to be invested. That’s why successful companies try to figure out what might cause employees to leave the company in […]

How to Implement a Successful Employee Referral Scheme

Although employee referrals can be a great way to supplement your workforce, not all of them work out. Even in the temporary sector where most assignments only last a few weeks, a subpar referral might result in you looking for a replacement sooner rather than later.   But you can maximize the potential of your employees’ referrals […]

Get More Efficient in Your Life with These 3 Tips

Regardless of how organized you are, nearly all of us could use some improvement when it comes to using our time efficiently at work and at home. Although it may seem like an insurmountable challenge, especially for those who are used to a certain amount of chaos in their life, increasing your personal and professional […]

Proofread Your Cover Letter – Don’t Lose a Job Over Punctuation and Grammar!

Although it’s rarely given the credit or the respect that it deserves, the cover letter is actually a crucial component of the job search and application process. Not only can it provide a basic introduction to your skill set and details on some of your most quantifiable accomplishments, the cover letter typically serves as your […]