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How to Implement a Successful Employee Referral Scheme

Although employee referrals can be a great way to supplement your workforce, not all of them work out. Even in the temporary sector where most assignments only last a few weeks, a subpar referral might result in you looking for a replacement sooner rather than later.  

But you can maximize the potential of your employees’ referrals by designing an efficient and effective employee referral plan. Not only does this make it easier for your current employees who want to refer their friends and family members, but a well-designed plan can streamline the process for everyone involved.  

  • Advertise your plan amongst the workforce. Even the best plan is worthless if your employees don’t know that it exists. Make sure to broadcast your employee referral plan as often as possible. Email and social media are great avenues for spreading awareness. Still, you might even consider hanging signs and posters around the workplace – particularly in employee break rooms – where they’ll get the most exposure.  
  • Never make assumptions about the credentials of referrals. Once your plan has been established, you mustn’t make assumptions about any of your referrals. Even if the referral is coming from one of your senior-level employees, there’s simply no telling how the new employee will perform for your company. Instead, give them the same amount of supervision as you would with any other hire. Not only does this keep things fair for everyone involved, but it also minimizes the risk on your end.  
  • Ask for specific employee feedback. It’s essential to gain feedback from employees who are actually on the frontlines. They’ll often provide you with a perspective that you can’t see from a senior-level role. You don’t have to implement every single suggestion, but your workers will appreciate the fact that their voices are being heard.  
  • Modify your plan as necessary. Instead of viewing your referral plan as a hard and fast rule, treat it as an evolving set of guidelines. Monitor your plan over time and, if necessary, don’t hesitate to change anything that doesn’t work.  

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