Do Temporary Workers Receive Benefits? Yes!

Sometimes job seekers hesitate to apply for temporary jobs. As intriguing as the opportunity might be, most people need to have access to benefits – particularly healthcare. They are afraid to take the risk of having a gap in coverage. It’s a common misconception that temporary employees are not eligible for benefits, but that is seldom the case. […]

Five Myths About Working With Recruiters 

While the current unemployment numbers still look bleak, companies are, nevertheless, hiring. And recruiters are reporting that they are now busier than they have been in several years. That could be good news for you if you’re looking for a job; unfortunately, many people have misconceptions about what recruiters do. Let’s bust some myths!  MYTH: […]

What Training Should You Receive for Personal Protection Equipment?

If you work within the manufacturing industry, or any role that involves heavy machinery, fast-moving parts and potentially hazardous materials, then you’re probably already familiar with personal protective equipment. Sometimes referred to simply as PPE, personal protective equipment refers to any sort of clothing, gear or hardware that is worn while on the job site. […]