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Do Temporary Workers Receive Benefits? Yes!

Sometimes job seekers hesitate to apply for temporary jobs. As intriguing as the opportunity might be, most people need to have access to benefits – particularly healthcare. They are afraid to take the risk of having a gap in coverage. It’s a common misconception that temporary employees are not eligible for benefits, but that is seldom the case. At Mega Force, we believe our temporary workers deserve respect, competitive pay, and the same quality of benefits as any employee. That’s why we provide this range of benefits. 

Protect your health 

As a Mega Force employee, you are eligible for a range of insurance benefits including medical, dental, disability and life insurance as well as workers’ compensation, should the need arise. We want you to have peace of mind so you can focus on your work without worrying about your health or family. 

Work hard, get paid 

You’ll be paid weekly and can choose to receive your wages on a Pay Card or Direct Deposit right into the bank of your choice. We offer a 401(k) Retirement Plan so you can save for your future. We know fair and dependable conversation is an important part of job satisfaction. 

Earn a little extra money  

Stick around and you can earn a $250 retention bonus for every year you work at least 1,850 hours for Mega Force without a break in employment. We want to build lasting relationships with our temporary employees and this bonus can serve as an extra incentive. 

Help yourself and help a friend 

Mega Force offers referral bonuses for any friend you refer to Mega Force. If we hire them and they work 80 hours, you’re eligible for a bonus. We appreciate you putting us in contact with your hard working and talented friends. Have someone in mind already? Refer a friend now. 

Find your next opportunity 

The top benefit of working with Mega Force is the great jobs that are available to you. We work with employers throughout North Carolina and offer a range of light industrial, warehouse, office, and administrative jobs. 

Looking for help in your job search? 

Mega Force works has several offices across North Carolina to help you find the right positions for your skills and experience. Contact us today orcheck out our online job portal.  


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