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Is Your Staff Prepared for The Holiday Rush?

It’s never too early to get ready for crunch time. Holiday season comes a little sooner for warehouse staff. Keeping stores fully stocked or getting products to consumers takes planning. Start by looking at what you did last year as far as volume and timing. Adjust for the changes you can anticipate in the coming year, such as the shift from brick and mortar to online shopping. Consider these ways to be sure you are prepared for the coming holiday rush. 

Update the vacation calendar 

Many workers like to take time off around the holidays to travel or visit family. Some people will skip travel this year while others may take longer vacations so they can drive rather than fly to their destinations. The sooner you know your anticipated staff levels, the quicker you can make plans to bring in temporary workers to pick up the slack.  

Cross-train employees 

Late autumn and early winter bring a lot of holidays and also cold and flu season. Cross-training veteran employees gives you options. You can slide them into critical positions and bring in temporary workers to backfill the less challenging positions which require less training. 

Reach out to students 

College students home for the holidays are often eager to earn a little extra income. If you market to them early in the busy season, they will be trained and ready to work when you need them most. Treat them well and you can even bring them back year after year, saving on hiring and retraining.  

Focus on training 

By getting an early start on training, by the time the busiest periods come along, your workers will be comfortable in their jobs and be productive team members. 

Staff up – safely 

If you have taken measures to ensure social distancing and other coronavirus prevention practicesbe sure your standards can be maintained as you scale up to accommodate the increase in the number of employees on the floor.  

Show your appreciation 

Busy periods at work can be stressful for all involved, especially because the holidays usually bring increased obligations at home. Order in meals if you can or offer gift cards or comp time if that’s not possible.  

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