Don’t Just Take, Give to Others When Networking

Networking within the 21st century is far removed from that of the past. With unprecedented access to any number of professional networks around the world, the desire to take advantage of such resources is all too strong. However, in order for today’s established professional networks to operate efficiently, it’s critical that job seekers’ contributions to […]

Be Flexible to Attract New Manufacturing Talent

Although most today’s manufacturers have embraced the latest innovations in technology, many still rely on traditional forms of workforce management, including recruitment and retention, as a means of filling their ranks. The problem with that, however, is that many traditional strategies are not effective toward the millennial talent now entering the workforce. Some of today’s […]

Writing a Resume for Skilled Trades Jobs

Generally speaking, the term “skilled trades” typically refers to positions that require additional training, education and perhaps even previous on-the-job experience. A lot of jobs fall under this umbrella term, including many positions within the manufacturing sector. With that in mind, it’s important to craft a resume that’s not only relevant to the skilled trade […]

Workplace Safety Starts at the Top

There are very few things that are as crucial to the longevity of an enterprise as workplace safety. Moreover, since workplace safety does indeed start at the top, it’s something that is easily controlled by efficient managers, CEOs and owners. In order to make sure your business is operating with safety in mind, and to […]

5 Warehouse Management Tips

Managing a warehouse full of property is never an easy task, but the challenge is only compounded when processing incoming deliveries, outgoing shipments and product returns within the same location. Fortunately for warehouse managers of today, there are a number of tips and tricks one can employ in order to streamline daily operations, boost productivity […]