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Don’t Just Take, Give to Others When Networking

Networking within the 21st century is far removed from that of the past. With unprecedented access to any number of professional networks around the world, the desire to take advantage of such resources is all too strong. However, in order for today’s established professional networks to operate efficiently, it’s critical that job seekers’ contributions to the grid equal that of their personal gain. As such, here are a few helpful tips and tricks to keep in mind when networking in today’s modernized workforce.

Utilize Different Networking Channels

The Information Age is ripe with different networking opportunities, avenues and channels. While face-to-face networking used to be the primary way of connecting with peers and experts within your industry, many job seekers of today use the Internet to streamline and hasten the process. While online networking sites and opportunities should certainly be pursued, proactive job seekers of today need to utilize all of the resources that are available to them in order to maximize both their contributions and their own benefits.

Connect Others

Some individuals contribute to their own professional networks by connecting others – such as their friends, peers and contacts – with potential employers or job opportunities. Serving as a go-between within your network is a surefire way to show your dedication and interest to helping others. Most importantly, it provides a great opportunity for you to repay some of the benefits you’ve enjoyed on account of your network associations.

Start Your Own Blog

Blogs offer a modernized way to get your point across in a direct, efficient and quick manner. When used by a reputable professional with a strong voice and a friendly online persona, a blog can become an effective tool in building and maintaining your professional network. Moreover, offering educated and reasonable advice regarding the latest industry news is a great way to give back to your contacts.

Thanks to the flexibility of the Internet, a blog can be created in a variety of platforms. In fact, many of today’s popular networking sites provide the ideal launch pad for sharing your own thoughts and ideas with the industry at large. Those who show an exceptional knowledge or passion for the industry may even see an increase in their own opportunities as a result of their blog.

Maintain Transparency

Make sure to maintain transparency regarding your general approach to networking within the 21st century. Because trends are changing and evolving on a day-to-day basis, your own contacts may show an interest in learning your networking methods and strategies. Moreover, exchanging this kind of information is a great way to learn about brand-new concepts and techniques that you’ve never even thought of.

Follow Up as Necessary

In order to ensure that your contributions are well received and beneficial to your contacts, it’s important to provide timely communications after presenting new opportunities, advice or concepts. Not only will this allow you to gauge the effectiveness of your own contributions within the network, but it shows your contacts that you are truly dedicated to making a difference.

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