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Be Thankful for Your Staff!

For many, the month of November provides us with an opportunity to show our appreciation and thankfulness for our friends, family members and loved ones. However, employers can also take advantage of this time by showing their appreciation and respect for their staff members. After all, recognizing your employees for the value they add to your organization is critical to minimizing employee turnover and maintaining long-term productivity.

Never make the mistake of assuming that your team already knows that they are respected in the workplace. Instead, use the tips and tricks outlined below in order to demonstrate your gratitude and make sure that your employees are aware of your appreciation on a day-to-day basis.

Recognize Achievements

One of the easiest and most straightforward methods of demonstrating professional respect for your employees is to recognize their individual achievements and contributions within the workplace. This can be done through a variety of means, including publically or privately. Whatever you do, however, make sure to do it consistently. Showing too much appreciation toward certain staff members, while ignoring the accomplishments of others, is a surefire way to breed contempt within the ranks of your workforce.

Provide Incentives

Some of the most successful companies utilize various incentives, including monetary rewards and other perks, as a means of bolstering productivity while simultaneously showing their appreciation toward staff. Other popular incentives include additional vacation time, increased flexibility in scheduling and access to industry-specific conferences or events. Remember, there is a lot of room for creativity when offering incentives within the workplace.

Host Special Events

Another method for showing your appreciation and thankfulness toward your employees is to sanction a special event. This could be to highlight a specific milestone, to provide a stage for recognizing individual employees or to celebrate a national holiday. For maximum effect, you may want to provide full catering as well as music, games and other forms of entertainment.

Arrange Additional or Specialized Training

If you want to show appreciation for your staff while simultaneously improving their skills in the workplace, you may want to consider offering some additional or specialized training. Taking an active interest in an employee’s professional development is a great way to set them up for future promotions or advancements within your company.

Offer Promotions When Applicable

Don’t hesitate to offer internal promotions to your most valuable workers. Not only is this a great way to show that you are thankful for all of their hard work, but it can prove to be highly beneficial for your entire company in the long run.

Listen To Your Staff

Finally, always remember to take some time to field questions, comments and concerns from individual staff members. When done on a one-on-one basis and within a confidential environment, such personalized consultation can do wonders when trying to forge strong relationships with your staff members. Moreover, employees who feel that their suggestions are being heard and accepted by their superiors are far more likely to maintain their productivity on a long-term basis.

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