I Got a Job Offer! Do I Have the Job?

You tailored your resume to apply for the job of your dreams. You did your homework on your prospective employer. You nailed the interview. And now, you’ve gotten a job offer. It’s a dream come true, right? Well, it’s not quite time for a victory lap yet. Just because the company you applied with has […]

Why Your Friends and Family Make a Real Impact in Your Job Search

Many of us would be lost without friends and family. They have a strong influence of nearly every aspect of our day-to-day lives, including the job search. If you find you’re struggling when it comes to finding that perfect job, don’t hesitate to communicate with your peers – you might be surprised at what you […]

How Do You Get a Forklift Certification? What Does It Cost?

Many industrial and even commercial roles require the use of forklifts on a regular basis. From stocking shelves to picking orders from a warehouse environment, these machines can perform the job safer – and quicker – than human workers. But what does it take to become a forklift operator? What kind of certification is required, […]

Your Workers Quit You, Not the Job – How Can You Change That?

While some industries experience more turnover than others, it remains a common problem in every profession. For some workers, it’s simply a matter of growing bored with their current jobs and moving on to bigger and better opportunities. Others are faced with life-changing situations that leave them no other choice. But unhappy employees aren’t afraid […]

How Can You Become a Lab Technician?

The role of laboratory technician is an exciting job that is often on the cutting edge of technology. Best-suited for analytical-minded professionals who know how to lead testing procedures, document and interpret results and maintain sensitive laboratory equipment, the job is both rewarding and profitable. With the typical lab technician earning around $50,000 annually, it’s […]