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Your Workers Quit You, Not the Job – How Can You Change That?

While some industries experience more turnover than others, it remains a common problem in every profession. For some workers, it’s simply a matter of growing bored with their current jobs and moving on to bigger and better opportunities. Others are faced with life-changing situations that leave them no other choice.

But unhappy employees aren’t afraid to quit, either. In this case, they’re usually not leaving to pursue another career. They didn’t quit because they were tired of the job. Instead, they quit because they were tired of working with you.

Listen to Their Feedback and Follow Up

Nobody likes talking to a brick wall. Instead of accepting feedback with a nod and a smile, make sure to listen, respond and follow up as necessary. It typically only takes a few seconds to hear what they have to say and provide some initial feedback – a simple “we’ll look into it” is often good enough for the time being.

But don’t let it end there. Listening to what your subordinates have to say is one thing, but actually implementing their feedback is a different story entirely. In either case, make sure to follow up in a timely manner. If there’s no feasible way to implement their thoughts or ideas, let them know as soon as possible.

Include Them in the Decision-Making Process

You don’t have to put all the power into their hands and give them complete control. Simply soliciting their feedback is a great way to strengthen your workplace teams and help build stronger connections across the board.

But you can give them control over certain aspects of the workplace. Letting them vote on a radio station or where to eat lunch helps them connect on an even deeper level. Giving them the option of taking breaks at various times of the day might be enough to keep them invigorated and engaged throughout the entire day.

Maintain Open Lines of Communication With Everyone

Never assume your workers are happy just because they’re not providing any feedback. While it’s true some workers have no problem pointing out the shortcomings of their employers, others aren’t so aggressive. Many are shy when it comes to communications in their personal lives, too.

In this case, try to take some time to communicate with these individuals in a one-on-one setting. Group meetings are a great way to solve problems quickly and efficiently, but they aren’t for everyone. Taking the time to connect with your entire workforce – on an individual level – goes a long way when forging strong, team-based bonds and helping them feel comfortable with their roles.

How to Build Your Reputation Among the Workforce

All of the strategies above will help build and strengthen your reputation, but you can also use a temporary staffing agency like Mega Force to your advantage, too. Not only can you use our services to maintain a steady flow of new talent, but you’ll be able to find experienced and qualified candidates that match your long-term needs, too.

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