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5 Life Hacks to Make Your Day More Productive in 2018

Productivity is the key to success in 2018. It’s no longer about what or who you know. Instead, today’s top employers want employees who can produce results on a consistent basis. While it can be difficult to keep up with the expectations of some managers, there are several steps you can take to help improve your productivity on a day-to-day basis.

1. Do a Task You Can Complete in One Minute

For most of us, our days are filled with a few large, difficult tasks and many minor details. It’s easy to put all of our effort and focus into the larger tasks, but this can be draining – both mentally and physically.

If you find you’re becoming overwhelmed, pick up one of the small tasks and do it immediately. Make it as easy as possible – something you can complete in one minute or less. Not only does this let you progress through the day and check another item off your list, it might give you the boost of confidence needed to tackle the bigger responsibilities.

2. Tackle the Hardest Task of the Day First

Some of us like to take care of all the little things first. This isn’t necessarily a bad approach – everyone has their own way of self-motivating and driving their own productivity.

Others like to take care of the hardest task of the day first. This is beneficial in many ways. Not only does it let you focus on the smaller, less important responsibilities, it frees up the unnecessary stress of thinking and worrying about the task ahead. Instead of nervous energy, this anxiousness can be turned into productivity to help you through the remainder of the day.

3. Make Yourself Enjoy the Start of the Day

It’s tough to maintain your motivation on a day-to-day basis. This problem is often compounded for those who struggle to wake up and start their day. Instead of getting off to a good start, they often find they’re stumbling throughout the entire day.

To counter this, try to do something you enjoy at the start of the day. It doesn’t matter when you wake up or what shift you’re working – doing one of your favorite activities is one of the best ways to gain the motivation needed to take on the day.

4. Use an App Like Tide

Technology is a boon for many things in 2018 – including productivity. Apps like Tide, which placed in the App Store Best of 2017, help you relax, improve your focus and regulate your sleeping schedule. It provides many different features, including nature-linked timers, sounds and quotes to keep your productivity at its peak level throughout the entire day.

5. Be Grateful

Don’t forget to express some gratitude throughout the day, too. You can communicate these feelings toward others if you’re confident enough to do so, but even those who are shy can show they’re gratefulness, too.

Try making a list of a few things you are grateful for each day. Apart from helping you relax and focus on your life as a whole, this simple practice can give you clues to personal productivity bottlenecks and even draw attention to improvements you can make to address such issues.

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