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Boring Meetings? Try This!

Do your employees give the impression they’re bored, tired or uninterested during group meetings? Maybe you’ve even noticed dullness or monotony in your own presentations. In either case, there are several tricks you can use to try to brighten the mood and make your meetings more enjoyable for everyone.

Consider Eliminating a Table

Some meeting rooms simply have too many tables. While this lets your employees get comfortable during longer sessions, it might cause more harm in the long run. Employees who are too cozy in the boardroom have a tendency to relax, disengage and, in some cases, fall asleep.

You can avoid this simply by eliminating one or more tables from the meeting room. Not only does this encourage employees to stand upright – thus eliminating the urge to sleep or relax –it also gives you the option of moving your meetings to fun and exciting areas.

Meet in New Rooms and Areas

Don’t be afraid to try out new rooms and areas for your meetings. Just because you have a designated meeting room or boardroom doesn’t mean you have to use it exclusively.

You don’t even have to hold your meetings indoors. Feel free to bring group meetings outside, either on company property or at a local park, to provide some variety and breakup the monotony of weekly or monthly group meetings.

Restaurants and third-party conference rooms are great choices, too. Meetings that take place in restaurants often build stronger teammate bonds by letting them interact in a situation outside of the workplace. Large-scale conference rooms are ideal for larger groups and often feature next-gen technology that can add even more flavor to your next presentation or meeting.

Encourage Silence and Foster Creativity

Employees who speak out-of-turn are highly detrimental to the success of any meeting. It’s important your peers remain quiet while others have the floor. Unfortunately, this often hampers the creativity of shy or introverted employees.

Instead of demanding silence of all your employees, give them something to keep them quiet. Stress balls and fidget spinners are a blessing when it comes to keeping your peers occupied during long meetings. Not only are such devices quiet, but they tend to foster creativity when used correctly.

But they can also be distracting. If you find your employees aren’t focusing on your meetings, try eliminating these items from the boardroom. Doing so can get your peers back on track – and you can reward them by returning their stress balls and fidget spinners at the next meeting.

Making the Most of Your Meetings

It’s important to make the most of every meeting. Some workplaces function more efficiently with smaller, weekly meetings, while others find that monthly or even bimonthly meetings are more effective. The key to hosting good, productive meetings comes in listening to your workforce, responding to their feedback and making adjustments wherever necessary.

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