5 Tips for Owning Your Video Interview

Even though COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted and professional life seems to be returning to normal, businesses are still heavily relying on video interviews as part of their recruitment efforts. In fact, a study by StandOut CV and JD-Library showed that 60% of employers plan on keeping video interviews of candidates as part of their […]

Dead-End Job? Turn It Around Today

Are you currently stuck in a dead-end job? Do your supervisors or co-workers fail to recognize your achievements in the workplace? If so, you might be able to turn it around by making some minor self-improvements. Not only will your personal drive and motivation increase, but those around you will be sure to notice the […]

Need More Time as a Working Parent? 5 Tips to Help

Being a working parent is tough. As if the day-to-day responsibilities of your job weren’t enough, the added pressures of raising a child in the 21st century can complicate things even further. Thankfully, there are a number of steps you can take to ease the burden and make your life a little simpler in the […]

What Does It Take to Become a Warehouse Supervisor?

Now that you’ve put in the time as an entry-level worker and earned your reputation amongst the workforce, it’s time to apply for that promotion. For many workers in the warehousing, this means assuming the role of warehouse supervisor. While it comes with a strong increase in pay, it also carries a tremendous increase in […]

Could the Hiring Manager NEVER See Your Resume?

Job seekers tend to go to great lengths when trying to get their resume noticed. From using fancy fonts and charts to colorful bullet points and even brand-specific logos, some will do nearly anything to try and separate their document from the rest. Unfortunately, at least some of these efforts are all for naught. Understanding […]

Blockchain – Understanding the Basics for Staffing Agencies

A relatively new innovation in the world of IT, blockchain first exploded in popularity alongside the rise of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. In its simplest terms, blockchain is a highly interactive, traceable, and transparent digital ledger that features elevated security. It’s best used for exchanging information, including contracts and even payments, from one party to the […]