5 Benefits of Using a Temp-to-Hire Model for Your Company

While the COVID-19 threat has shifted from pandemic to endemic, and the rest of life seems to be getting back to normal, employers are still struggling with a labor shortage. If your business is dealing with a talent deficit, you may want to consider a temp-to-hire model. It offers multiple advantages for both your business […]

Consider These Two Alternatives to Firing an Under-performing Employee

One of the most uncomfortable dilemmas a manager can face is how to deal with an employee who isn’t meeting expectations. No one likes firing an employee, but if you keep them around without addressing their performance issues, they can drag fellow employees down – possibly your entire organization.    Mitchell Marks, professor of leadership at […]

Tips for Managing a Generational Shift

Baby boomers aren’t retiring in droves, but their numbers in the workforce are dwindling significantly. And when boomers retire, they take with them a generation of beliefs and workstyles. Perhaps most importantly, they leave with vast quantities of “tribal knowledge”: exclusive technical, product or process information. This information is rarely stored on the web or […]