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5 Benefits of Using a Temp-to-Hire Model for Your Company

While the COVID-19 threat has shifted from pandemic to endemic, and the rest of life seems to be getting back to normal, employers are still struggling with a labor shortage. If your business is dealing with a talent deficit, you may want to consider a temp-to-hire model. It offers multiple advantages for both your business and the candidates you’re seeking to hire.

It Lets You Evaluate Whether the Position Needs to Be Full Time.

If you’re working on filling a position that has just been created, offering temporary employment can give you time to determine the cost/benefit ratio of making the position permanent.

It Gives You Time to Evaluate Candidates’ Performance

Not only does a temp-to-hire position allow you to assess the value of a position, but it can also give you time to assess the temp’s proficiency and work ethic.

It Can Get You Through a Busy Season.

Seasonal rushes happen in many types of business. Retailers have a surge of business during the holiday season; construction work peaks in the spring and summer, when the weather is most cooperative, and so on. Temp-to-hire employees not only give you the added help you need during busy times, but the aptitude they show under pressure could signal they deserve consideration for a permanent position.

It Saves Money.

One undeniable benefit of the temp-to-hire model is the savings it creates instead of permanent positions. The cost of hiring permanent employees includes salary, but also onboarding expenses, and the cost of providing benefits. With temporary workers, you need only provide a salary.

It Lets You and the Candidate See if They’re a Good Fit.

Note that this is different from evaluating whether a temporary employee has the skills and reliability to be hired full time. A temporary assignment gives an employee the chance to get to know a company, its employees and its culture. At the end of the contract, you and the employee should have a good idea whether a permanent working relationship is best for you both.

Do You Need Help with Warehouse Staffing?

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