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What Are Administrative Skills?

We recently posted about one of those phrases you see over and over as you go through job listings: “attention to detail.” Another frequent feature of these listings is their request that candidates possess “administrative skills.” But what are these skills, and why are they so important?

Defining Administrative Skills

Administrative skills, in the broadest sense, are skills that help keep a business going. They are used in conducting a company’s day-to-day operations. Though many tie administrative skills specifically to secretarial work, they’re needed for positions from the receptionist to office managers. Think filing, presenting information, developing office procedures and answering questions. Administrative skills help employees carry out those duties effectively. Here are five of the most sought-after skills.

Organization – To organize business operations means keeping everyone at a business on the same page when it comes to calendars, appointments and processes. Someone with a high level of organizational skills can handle all these tasks as well as filing, inventorying supplies and other duties – all at the same time.

Time Management – Being able to juggle a number of interconnected processes requires working efficiently. The skill of time management involves scheduling, but also the ability to prioritize tasks to get them done properly and in as little time as possible.

Communication – A crucial part of running an office – and, indeed, a business – running smoothly is communicating clearly and effectively. Whether they are verbal or written, concise, active communications help keep team members informed and allow requests to be responded to correctly and completely.

Responsibility – This skill is about trustworthiness. Can you be trusted to make decisions, get things done and help team members do their jobs? These are the hallmarks of responsibility.

Customer Service – Even if you’re not in a call center or at a retail counter, you can demonstrate customer service skills by empathizing with customers and putting their needs first. Note that customers can be external (like people buying a product you make or a service you provide) or internal (your co-workers who need your help to meet business goals). And the most important customer skill is the honest desire to help others.

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