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4 Benefits To Using A Regional Staffing Firm

Regional and national staffing agencies are used on a daily basis to fill temporary and full-time positions in nearly every industry imaginable. While both regional and national staffing agencies have their individual benefits and caveats, enterprises that are seeking a more individualized, intimate and location-specific staffing firm may find more it much more beneficial to go with a localized, regional-based staffing company.

Reduced Costs

One of the most noticeable advantages to using a regional staffing agency to fulfill your workforce needs is the reduced costs associated with doing business locally. Because localized staffing firms aren’t spending vast amounts of money on large-scale marketing and promotional initiatives, they are able to allocate more funds to community-based marketing, cultivating local industry contacts and securing long-term staffing opportunities within the area.

Faster Service

Another large benefit of regional staffing agencies is quicker customer service should a problem or issue arise. The simple act of rectifying an issue could become a huge problem and hassle in itself, as one may have to contact a remote office via telephone, and their single call may even be routed and escalated through numerous different point-of-contacts. Even when a solution is reached, it may be days or even weeks before any action is taken whatsoever.

Regional staffing firms, on the other hand, are able to deliver individualized customer service more consistently and quickly than large, national staffing firms. Any issues can typically be taken care of immediately and companies won’t have to jump through a bunch of hoops just to solve the most basic of problems. This level of customer service also lends itself better to personal interaction, where company owners can ask questions, receive pertinent input and maybe even pick up on a few tips regarding human resources and workforce management.


National staffing firms, though highly competitive, lack the personalization and customized service featured at many regional staffing agencies. Because national staffing companies deal with a large workload on a day-to-day basis, they are unable to provide a level of customer service which parallels that of a smaller, regional staffing firm. Regional staffing companies like Mega Force, however, are infinitely more familiar with the average employment trends within the area. Because of that, local staffing companies are more likely to match a company with an employee that fits the job description and requirements.

Reinvesting Into Your Community

Finally, when you choose a staffing firm that is local to your area, you are effectively reinvesting your money back into the surrounding community. Not only does this help to forge solid industry relationships, but it also fosters growth within the region. Moreover, given the recent trend of buying local, you’ll also be appeasing many public critics and community figureheads.

As you can see, the benefits of working with a localized, region-based staffing agency far outweighs any potential negatives. If you want personal attention, individualized job planning and knowledge-driven workforce management that is readily available and accessible, there really is no other choice than a regional staffing firm like Mega Force to get the job done.

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