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3 Steps To Turning A Temp Job Into A Full-Time One

Most job seekers who rely on temporary staffing agencies on a day-to-day basis usually share one common goal: to turn their temporary opportunity into a full-time position. While there is no standard means of achieving this goal, there are a number of steps an individual can take when trying to transform that temporary assignment into a permanent one.

Leave a Great Impression

The process of turning a temporary position into a full-time job begins with the initial interview. Making a strong first impression not only gets your foot in the door, but it also leaves a positive and lasting impression of you and your skill set in the mind of your potential new employer. As long as you have the skills and knowledge to back it up, making sure your name is fresh on their mind is one of the most effective steps you can take to gaining permanent employment. Some may even consider a temporary assignment as an extended interview process of sort, and keeping this mindset is a great way to maintain your motivation and dedication to the position.

In fact, Melanie Holmes, vice president with one of the most successful staffing agencies in the United States, ManpowerGroup, is quick to point out the benefit of cultivating full-time employment out of a temporary gig. She was quoted in a recent interview with Forbes as saying: “If you are looking for work, a contract position is probably the best way to get employed. Working as a temporary employee gives you the opportunity to be on the inside and ultimately gives you an advantage over external candidates when applying for permanent jobs.”

Show Up On Time

Going into work late — even if only by five minutes — is bound to leave a negative impression on your employer.  Even worse, chronic lateness will almost always result in termination of your job altogether. Conversely, showing up on time on a consistent basis is a surefire way to get your manager’s attention and prove to them that you are fit for the job at hand. Finally, make sure to complete all of your assignments in a timely manner, as well. Demonstrating promptness and punctuality on a daily basis is a great way to get ahead of your co-workers and turn that temporary position into a full-time job.

Take On Extra Responsibility

Once your required tasks are completed, you may want to take initiative and ask for extra work. Not only does this lessen the workload and responsibilities of your peers, including managerial personnel, but it shows your manager that you are willing and capable of going above and beyond when the need arises. This alone could make you an excellent candidate for a promotion to that full-time position you’re after.

However, you’ll want to take care and make sure that your extra assignments do not interfere with your daily workload. Taking on too much work, or assuming responsibilities that you are not qualified for, is a great way of setting yourself up for failure.

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