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Is the Combination Resume Right for You?

When it comes to resumes, there are many different formats and types that one can utilize. Some of the most common formats include the chronological or functional resumes, each of which has different advantages. However, the combination resume, sometimes referred to as a hybrid resume, includes the best features of both the chronological and functional format. Whether or not the hybrid approach is the right one for you, however, depends on your past career history, your current status in the workforce and your future goals, objectives and expectations.

Students and Entry-Level Jobseekers

The combination or hybrid resume has many legitimate uses in today’s job market. For starters, this format is great for jobseekers currently enrolled in high school or college as well as recent graduates. In this case, the combination resume serves to highlight individual skills and traits as opposed to their brief career history.

Jobseekers who are currently looking to break into the workforce through an entry-level position can also benefit from the hybrid approach. Again, this approach lets you draw attention to specific skills and areas of expertise as opposed to a short-lived or otherwise unimpressive career history.

Transitioning to a New Career

Combination resumes are also useful when attempting to transition into a brand new position, career or industry. Many of today’s employers want to see experience that relates, at least in some way or another, to their own day-to-day operations, but those who are changing careers might not have any relevant experience. In this case, the hybrid method lets you craft your resume in a way that highlights your most transferrable and relatable skills.

Diversified Career Experience

Those who have led a highly diversified career might find the hybrid resume to be much more efficient than a standard resume. This format gives you a chance to highlight your various skills, particularly those that are most relevant, instead of spending time detailing each and every responsibility you’ve had in the past.

In fact, many jobseekers who have a great deal of diversification in their career history find it beneficial to use a career summary at the very beginning of their resume. This gives the reader a clear picture of your most valuable and quantifiable accomplishments before they move on to the body of your resume.

Re-Entering the Workforce

Jobseekers who are returning to the workforce after an extended absence, regardless of the reason for their leave, might find many advantages to the combination or hybrid resume. As this type of resume focuses on individual skills and achievements first and foremost, you’ll be able to draw a potential employer’s attention away from any gaps in your career history.

Extensive Career Experience

Jobseekers who have had extensive work experience can also use the hybrid resume to maximize their chances of success. Because today’s employers want to see recent experience and achievements, the combination approach lets you focus on your latest accomplishments at the beginning of the resume while still accommodating an extensive listing of prior jobs toward the end.

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