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Does Your Company Understand the Importance of Cybersecurity

With an increasing reliance on Internet-based services and more digital data than ever before, the issue of cybersecurity is a leading concern. In fact, according to recent research compiled by Gartner, Inc., the global cybersecurity market exceeded $75 billion in 2015.

Given the recent boom in cybersecurity spending, it’s safe to say that many organizations are embracing cybersecurity as a means of safeguarding their assets in the 21st century. But does your company truly understand the importance of cybersecurity, or are you just following along with the latest in mainstream trends?

Protecting Your Customers

While you can’t possibly provide an iron-clad and foolproof defense against hackers or cyber attacks, there are a number of steps you can take to try and discourage them. The first step to protecting your customers’ data is to implement a thorough privacy policy that outlines the type of information you are collecting, or storage – as well as its intended usage. Gaining your customers’ trust is critical to safeguarding their information over a long-term basis.

Next, make sure you utilize a security professional when attempting to secure customer data. Whether this comes in the form of an external, consultative gig or a full-time role on your company roster, it’s important to have a chief information officer or, at the very least, some sort of IT specialist on hand to install the appropriate software and hardware.

Safeguarding Your Own Company

While protecting the personal data of your customers should be of the utmost concern, it’s also important to safeguard the data that is generated by your own company. Such data, in the wrong hands, can be absolutely devastating to a company’s day-to-day operations, long-term profitability and even their immediate reputation.

Take some time to perform a thorough security and risk assessment on all of your networks and computer systems. This should be done in cooperation with an IT consultant or staff member who understands the advanced concepts, processes and nuances that are involved with computer security.

Responding to Cyber Attacks

Despite your best efforts, your company could still become the target of a cyber attack. If this occurs, there are a number of steps you should take in order to rectify the situation as quickly, efficiently and securely as possible.

The first thing you’ll need to do is secure your networks and computer systems in order to maintain business continuity. This is where a disaster recovery and continuity plan comes into play. Once your systems have been stabilized and are free from attack, you should act to put them back online as soon as possible. If a data breach does occur, you may want to issue a press release in order to address the attack and put your customers at ease.

Finally, implement an incident response team to investigate the attack and establish a plan for preventing future attacks. This team should consist of IT officials, organizational leaders and key shareholders, if possible.

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