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Don’t Wait Until Tomorrow. Beat Procrastination Today with 3 Tips

With all the focus on mobile communications, instantaneous results and ad-hoc decision making, it can be easy for a job candidate to procrastinate when it comes to their daily responsibilities. However, with a little bit of keen planning and relentless motivation, you too can overcome the issue of procrastination and restore your status as a highly productive member of today’s society.

Hh2>Make a List of Tasks to Monitor Your Progress

One of the most helpful things you can do when trying to beat procrastination is to make a numbered list, similar to what we have here. Not only does this provide you with a complete picture of what you want to accomplish, but a list can also be used to rank these milestones in any order you choose.

After you’ve made your list, don’t forget to review it on a regular basis. Checking off the milestones you’ve already accomplished lets you shift your focus to those achievements that are still remaining. If you don’t complete a specific item on your list, try to figure out the reason for it. You may even want to consider what steps you can take in the future to ensure that you complete the remainder of your goals.

Plan Your Schedule in Advance

Planning your daily schedule in advance is another great way of organizing your time and increasing your productivity. Creating a day-by-day schedule gives you a clear agenda of the tasks and activities of every single day. This means you’ll spend less time trying to remember your goals and more time actually pursuing them.

Moreover, by taking note of your biggest responsibilities, such as meetings, appointments and other obligations, you’ll find it much easy to fit in smaller events and activities as they arise. This still gives you plenty of room for spontaneity, while still providing you with a rigid schedule to follow.

Don’t Get Overwhelmed, Anxious or Uninterested

Whatever you do, try not to become overwhelmed, anxious or uninterested with the process. Longer or complex lists and schedules do have a tendency of becoming overwhelming, so you might want to start small. Instead of writing down your weekly schedule, for example, start by planning a day or two in advance. The same strategy can be used when creating a list of goals or responsibilities, too.

Smaller lists and shorter schedules have a number of other benefits over long lists and long-term plans. Because you’re dealing with less content, you’ll be able to see noticeable progress much sooner and much clearer than if you were working with an extended list or schedule.

Remember, the sheer act of accomplishing items on your list or schedule – regardless of scale or scope of the achievement – can serve as a renewable source of motivation. In fact, you can even use short lists and narrow timelines as a means of becoming comfortable with the process. This strategy lets you work up toward longer lists and long-term schedules, which may be able to bolster your productivity to levels you never even thought possible.

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