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At What Point Does Your Job Search Need a Timeout?

Anybody who’s been on the job hunt knows what a taxing and nerve-racking time it can be. This is especially true during long-term job searches that yield no useful results whatsoever. However, if you find that you are suddenly overcome with stress or mental fatigue, it may be time to step away and take a timeout from the job hunt.

This might be a difficult step to take, especially if you find your savings account dwindling. Regardless, it may be a necessary step to preserving your mental well-being and reinvigorating your motivation for today’s workforce.

Submitting Too Many Applications

Believe it or not, it is possible to submit too many applications or resumes during the job hunt. Not only does this process take up more of your time than necessary, but it can be extremely detrimental to your morale if you’re consistently being rejected as a result of being overqualified for entry-level positions or unqualified for senior-level roles.

With that in mind, it’s important to take the time to research each company and role beforehand. This ensures your genuine interest in the job as well as your level of qualification to perform the required tasks on a day-to-day basis. Avoiding jobs that don’t fit your expectations or qualifications can go a long way in avoiding fatigue and burnout during a prolonged job search.

Becoming Obsessed Over a Particular Position

Many of us are passionate about a specific role, company or industry. After all, some of us have invested years of our lives pursuing training, education or accreditation toward one specific area of expertise or another. While this type of motivation, passionate and sincerity are great when it comes to finding and landing that dream job, it’s important to avoid obsessing over a particular position.

However, waiting incessantly next to the telephone, constantly refreshing your online inbox or constantly making contact with a potential employer are all signs of an unhealthy obsession. Moreover, these habits don’t do anything to further your chance of landing a specific job. In fact, some might even eliminate that chance altogether.

Thankfully, this kind of obsession is rather easy to avoid. Simply engaging in our day-to-day lives, either by maintaining contact with our peers or engaging in our regular hobbies, is typically enough to steer clear of obsession. If you find that this is a recurring theme throughout your life, or if it the obsession is affecting your ability to complete your day-to-day responsibilities, you may want to consider a professional consultation.

Making a Graceful Exit and Re-Entry

Now that we’ve made our graceful exit from the job search and enjoyed our brief timeout, it’s time to re-enter the job market with, hopefully, a renewed sense of purpose and greater motivation than ever before. Who knows, taking some time to sort things out in your own head, spend time with family and re-connect with old friends may be all it takes to propel yourself toward the finish line.

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